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Oregon Political Tax Credit: An individual with taxable income of $2,400 or more can give up to $50 to political campaigns and get it all back (every dollar) as a state income tax credit. A couple filing a joint return can give $100 and get it all back, if their income is at least $4,800. Those with lower incomes can get back amounts contributed, up to their total state income tax withheld or otherwise paid.

Information Required by Law: No matter how you make the contribution on the next page (check or credit card or PayPal), the law requires that we obtain your name. Anonymous contributions must be donated to charity.

If you contribute more than $100, we must also obtain your (1) address and (2) occupation. The law defines "occupation" as:

(a) The nature of an individual's principal business; and

(b) If the individual is employed by another person, the business name and address, by city and state, of the employer.

According to the Secretary of State, you have no occupation and are not employed if you are a student, retired, a volunteer, or a "homemaker." These folks should write "not employed" on the line for occupational information. Here is more information on what are considered acceptable "occupations."

Please fill out this form.
Full Name:
Address 2:
   State:    Zip:
If contribution is over $100, the following is required by Oregon law:
(occupation help)
Employer (can be "self"):
Employer City and State:
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